EU, US try to lure Iran back to nuclear talks as hopes fade

VIENNA — A delicate EU mission to Iran this week failed to secure a commitment from Tehran’s new hardline administration to resume negotiations over reviving a teetering nuclear deal, according to EU officials.  “They are not yet ready for engaging in Vienna,” one … Read more

Cambridge University abandons proposed £400m partnership with UAE over hacking claims

The University of Cambridge has aborted plans to enter into a £400m partnership with the United Arab Emirates amid claims the state used controversial hacking software, it has been reported. The proposed UAE-Cambridge Innovation Institute … Read more

Asteroid outpost seen as first step to being ‘a better space-faring species’

A robotic space station shaped like a butterfly with a camper van-sized body, parked on an asteroid, will be humankind’s latest outpost for interplanetary exploration. University of Colorado engineers are teaming with the United Arab … Read more